Actor Javier Bardem calls for more action on plastic pollution

Spanish actor Javier Bardem is using his profile to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the need for the world to act right now in protecting the planet.

Best known for his roles in the Bond movie Skyfall and No Country For Old Men, Javier Bardem recently joined fishermen at Port de Blanes in the north of Spain for an early morning trip.

Traditionally a fishing trip, the fishermen’s journey has become about much more than just fishing. They also sort the plastic collected in their nets for recycling.

Speaking to Sky News, Javier Bardem spoke of how people had become “plastic junkies”.

“Plastic is one of the most important issues right now,” the actor said. “We need to be aware of not being hooked on the plastic.

“In the sense that when you go to a supermarket and you buy a couple of apples, sometimes they give you them in a box wrapped in 400 plastics.

“That’s ridiculous. It’s like, I don’t want that. I don’t want that package. I want simple apples that I can weigh and put in a different, normal bag and not a plastic bag.

“Things like that of course create a change, create an awareness, and it creates an awareness especially for the future generations and the ones who are going to really face a hard time with this.”

Javier Bardem and his wife and actress, Penelope Cruz, are among a string of celebrities that are putting their profile to good use by raising awareness of the environmental issues facing the planet.

The actor was in the Port de Blanes area as an ambassador for Chivas Venture, an annual competition for start-up companies that use business to tackle social or environmental challenges.

He was there to see the work of Chivas Venture’s prize winner for Best Social Entrepreneur, Sea2See, who use the plastic collected by the fishermen to make designer sunglasses and frames. The sustainable eyewear brand make frames from 100% recycled sea plastic.

Earlier this year, Javier Bardem dived 900 feet in a two-man submarine from a Greenpeace boat to the Antarctic Ocean seafloor of the Antarctic Peninsula to discover the extraordinarily variegated and colorful Antarctic ocean-bed world of corral and sponges.

The actor has spoken how the journey opened his eyes to the true scale of plastic pollution. “You would never say that plastic would get there but yes it did,” he explained. “And when you are in such a remote, beautiful, virgin area and you see that plastic, micro plastics, are there floating in the water then you understand that the problem is huge, it is really going so wide all over the world and that you have to do something about it for us to protect the oceans.

“And the oceans are such an important key, a very, very important key, for climate change, to protect us from climate warming.”

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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