Corc Yoga mats made from cork, a 100% renewable and biodegradable source

You may or may not be surprised that a majority of yoga mats are made from PVC, one of the most toxic of plastics. Something as simple as a yoga mat, that is designed to support your wellbeing practice, is actually doing far more damage to the wellbeing of you and the planet.

If you are aiming to do away with plastics from your life, and if yoga is your thing, replace your mat with a sustainable version made from cork. Corc Yoga make yoga mats from cork, a 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable source.

Corc Yoga has partnered with a factory in Portugal, that has been in the cork industry for the past 100 years, to produce the non-slip, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic yoga mats.

Portugal boasts an impressive industry, designed to protect the integrity of the environment. Under Portuguese law, Cork trees have their bark shaved only every nine years, allowing the trees to naturally regenerate their bark. This natural process keeps the trees healthy allowing them to live up to 200 years.

The cork industry provides as many as 20,000 well-paying seasonal jobs throughout 500+ cork production factories each year, despite an otherwise slow moving economy and higher than average unemployment rates.

What’s more, nothing goes to waste in the production of Corc Yoga mats as any remains are ground up to create agglomerate cork for things like bulletin boards and construction materials.

Corc Yoga also give a portion of their proceeds towards supporting teens and young adults in Portugal suffering from mental health.

Corc Yoga mats are available to purchase online from Corc Yoga

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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