OTH sustainable sneakers with unique soles made from recycled tyres

OTH is a new sustainable sneaker brand featuring a unique sole made from recycled tyres.

The unisex brand aims to be environmentally sustainable, creating designs that are timeless and classic in monochrome colours. The Italian leather shoes are available in a white nappa leather version, a grey suede version, and a cream-coloured nubuck variation. It takes one tyre to produce three pairs of OTH sneakers.

Nearly 300 billion tyres are produced worldwide each year. This represents 43 times the global population. Unfortunately tyres are not biodegradable once they have been used.

By recycling non-biodegradable tyres to make their shoes, OTH are saving tyres from landfill where they otherwise would become a source of pollution due to the chemical compounds which they contain.

OTH said: “In Europe, more than six tyres are discarded each second. That is 200 million units per year. Although recycling is well advanced in Europe, many other countries don’t reach same level of expectation.

“At our level, we want to do something about it. Oth is the result of a two-year development to create an elegant and strong design that would be planet-friendly.

“Our everlasting soles are made from recycled tyres that have already been round the globe. One tyre will be recycled each time Oth produces three pairs of sneakers.”

The Paris-based brand has raised more than €15,000 (£13,500) so far, through Kickstarter, smashing its fundraising goal by over €5,000 (around £4,500).

Kickstarter backers will receive a pair of the shoes in return for a pledge of €99 (£87), which is less than the expected retail price. Delivery of the first supplies is due in September 2018.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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