Environmental artist Martin Hill creating art in nature then returning it to nature

Environmental artist Martin Hill creates sculptures from natural materials – including ice, stone and organic materials – photographs his artworks in nature and then lets them return to nature.

The artist, who has been travelling the world with his partner Philippa Jones for more than two decades while exploring sustainable design, believes humanity should be guided by nature and its cyclical design for their long-term survival.

The pair have travelled to remote locations in order to create these wonderful natural sculptures from whatever is native to that area. They have a stunning portfolio of work that focuses on circular forms that represent natural cycles present in the environment.

Martin Hill’s award winning work has been featured in galleries across the world. He has focused his work on sustainability, and more specifically the unsustainable design of consumer products.

Martin Hill says: “I work in nature because we are nature. My materials come from the earth to which they return. Learning to live by nature’s design is our only hope for the future.

“By creating and publishing environmental art my message of sustainability by design now reaches millions of people each year. Nature is sustainable by design. Fuelled by sunlight everything is recycled: all waste becomes food for something else. In the new circular economy businesses and social systems are designed with principles learned from natural systems.

“Innovations using what is available locally run on renewable energy in cooperative relationships with one another, these cyclical systems eliminate waste and deliver multiple benefits and jobs,” Martin Hill adds. “They out compete existing harmful models making them obsolete. What has art got to do with this? Changing to a new model of progress that does not destroy the living world on which life relies, requires us to use a new way of thinking. I believe art can help trigger this change and inspire us to look at problems as opportunities for innovation from which multiple beneficial outcomes increase wellbeing for all.”

Martin Hill

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea




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