Ecobricks: Fighting the war against plastic pollution in Indonesia with furniture solutions

Plastic is a worldwide problem. In Indonesia, its rivers and canals are jam-packed with the pest including bottles, bags and other plastic packaging. It’s been such a huge problem in the country, that the Indonesian army has even been called in to help clean-up the waterways.

Now communities are coming together in Indonesia to put use to the tonnes of plastic that are clogging up the waterways, by cleaning up and using the plastic to make Ecobricks, which can then be used as furniture and walls for buildings.

An Ecobrick is a bottle packed solid with used plastic to make a re-useable building block. All you need is a plastic bottle and a stick to start. According to Ecobricks, a collective of ecobrick leaders from around the world, “you don’t need any fancy machines, special skills, engineers or politicians to get started”.

Ecobricks exists to assist the spread of Ecobricking locally and globally to keep plastic and C02 out of the biosphere.

In the below video, Harjanto Halim, the boss of Marimas PT, an Indonesian food factory, explains how he is fighting the war on plastic with “Ecobricks”. This creative solution encourages people to stuff “soft” plastic into bottles, which can then be used as stools, chairs, and walls.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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