Trash collecting Samurai Warriors spread environmental message across Tokyo

A team of environmentally-conscious Samurai Warriors are helping to make Tokyo dwellers be mindful of their environment think twice before littering the city streets.

Known as Gomihiroi Samurai (“Samurai Who Pick Up Litter”), these individuals dress in traditional samurai garb and pull out some slick moves whenever they spot an errant piece of sidewalk trash.

Every time they make a grand appearance on the streets, onlookers stop to film the warriors, and videos of the samurai trash collectors have gone viral.

According to their official site, this band of wandering ronin, officially known as Jidaigumi Basara, are from the Tokyo branch of the Hokkaido-based samurai performance troupe Issei Ichidai Jidaigumi. With their performances based on theatrical combat, these members volunteer their time to bring attention to the environment on the busy city streets, particularly around central hubs like Shibuya, where this next video was filmed.

The Samurai trash collectors have a few litter-fighting phrases including: “Nani yatsu?!“, whch translates to “What is this?!” and “Moral no nai kokoro wo seibai!!”, which means “Punish hearts with no morals!!“.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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