Football Beyond Borders: Building resilient young women through the power of football 

The World Cup may well be underway, but an initiative by Football Beyond Borders is having far greater impact on female students.

Female, Fitness, Education and Motivation (FFEM), which launched in schools in east and south London in 2015, is engaging young women in education who potentially face exclusion, using the power of football to challenge, inspire and build resilient young women.

Football Beyond Borders say: “We recognise that many young females face a difficult transition in the early stages of secondary school and so this programme seeks to provide a vehicle for nurturing self-esteem, friendships and positive aspirations for the future.

“At FBB, we believe that football has the ability to motivate, build relationships, and create a platform for our participants to flourish and we believe football is a game which everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

“FFEM is designed to cater to girls who are often overlooked by current education models. While girls generally achieve better than boys academically, FBB believes that with added attention and support their potential as leaders could be unleashed.”

Football Beyond Borders offers weekly after-school sessions for 120 minutes using school facilities which are broken down into two parts – project-based learning in a classroom setting and football pitch coaching sessions.

Qualified female coach-educators also support participants on issues such as relationships, eating disorders, self esteem and building peer/friendship groups.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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