The Wild West End Garden: Improving air quality in London’s busy shopping district

A communal garden, featuring garden plants known to purify air, is set to transform a busy London shopping area – bringing peace, tranquility and improving air quality.

The Wild West End garden, which won a gold medal at the Chelsea flower show last month, has been transplanted into the busy retail heart of the capital.

Situated on Old Quebec Street at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street, The Wild West End garden features ferns and plants, specifically chosen to help remove pollution, as well as acers, Chinese dogwood trees and seven-son flower trees, all believed to have a beneficial impact on air purity.

London is often cited as having one of the poorest air quality records in Europe. The garden aims to improve air quality, and protect and enhance opportunities for wildlife and plants.

Lightweight trees will provide shelter and seclusion from the bustling urban surroundings, with vibrant low-level plantings beckoning in visitors off the street. The garden will be open throughout the day and into the evening, with light boxes to illuminate the space after dark.

The Wild West End garden, designed by Kate Gould, is part of the Wild West End project, which aims to create more green space in the West End of London. Wild West End has installed 49 green roofs, beehives, and boxes for birds and bats to date.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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