Incognito: Insect repellant products offering 100% natural protection

The summer season and hot weather brings out the bugs, so if you are going on holiday this season be prepared with insect repellent. Incognito do a wide-range of insect repellants that are 100% natural and safe enough for use on babies as young as three months.

Everything from insect repellent sprays, incense sticks, a room refresher and a natural crystal deodorant, Incognito has all your holiday needs covered when it comes to keeping yourself and your family protected from bugs including mosquitos.

The ethical and sustainable brand was born out of its creator Howard Carter’s own travel experience. Despite taking both anti-malarial tablets and a deet-based insect repellent, Howard Carter was struck by malaria during his travels through India. Six months later, during a trip to Asia, he suffered again from insect bites, this time with Dengue fever.

The experience motivated Howard Carter to invent a truly effective, natural insect repellent which would protect people from insect bites all over the world.

Incognito’s award-winning insect repellants are made from a careful blend of essential oils including bergamot, camphor bark oil and PMD-rich botanic oil. PMD, an active ingredient, is recommended for high-risk areas for mosquito-borne diseases.

Where possible, incognito’s products are packed in the most sustainable materials. Their flagship insect-repellent spray uses post consumer recycled plastic which can also be recycled at the end of its life if not reused.

Incognito products are available online from Amazon, Planet Organic and health food stores

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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