Tasty Natives: Indulge in tasty dishes made from British native plants at Green Lab

Get to know British native plants and get a taste for them at Tasty Natives – a family friendly event where you experience a range of cordials, soups and desserts made from native plant species.

The Tasty Natives event, which takes place at Green Lab’s Bermondsey office on Saturday 7 July, will feature native plants prepared in dishes by a team of local volunteer cooks.

Part of a project by Green Lab, Tasty Natives will be searching the UK for some of Britain’s most tasty and edible plant species. The project is calling on volunteers who are keen to contribute their taste buds and conjure up new recipes to showcase the tasy natives they find.

Green Lab is also encouraging people to grow their own native plant species, create their own recipies and contribute to a crowd sourced cookbook, with recipes to showcase new found native recipies.

Green Lab is a workspace for entrepreneurs and other agricultural mavericks who are designing beautiful solutions to complex food problems. Encouraging creativity, collaboration, experimentation and play, it incubates ideas that make food systems more productive and resilient, and that can put more natural and healthy food on our tables.

Green Lab say: “With food, water and waste being our fundamental concerns, the Green Lab team will be exploring the native species that are easy to grow in the British climate and should make more of a steady appearance in our meals.

“We believe great design and sustainability can make our planet a better place to live. We design sustainable food systems to solve problems, create more and use less. We work with entrepreneurs, schools, businesses, and community groups to design food production systems, processes and new foods that can be scaled from a bench-scale trial to world-wide impact.”

The Tasty Natives project has been launched in collaboration with Grow Wild and Kew Royal Botanic Gardens.

Tasty Natives takes place at Green Lab, London SE16 4EE on Saturday 7 July. The event is free to attend. For more information, visit the Green Lab website

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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