Blooming Green: Pick your own flowers at England’s only PYO cut flower business

A fruit farm specialising in seasonal, organic flowers has opened its gates to England’s only Pick-Your-Own flowers service.

Held every Friday afternoon, from 12-4pm, at Loddington Farm in Kent, Blooming Green are allowing the public to come down and pick their own flowers and foliage.

From July to October, people can simply grab a PYO container and take their pick of the bunch. A PYO container, supplied by Blooming Green, costs £15. Blooming Green even wrap up your field-fresh flowers so they’ll last the journey home.

Each month the farm showcases different flowers including feverfew, verbena and red oak in July; sunflower, tansy and hornbeam in August; clary, dill and white beam in September; and helichrysum, michaelmas daisy and continue in October.

Blooming Green is the brainchild of two eco-conscious cousins Jen Stuart-Smith and Bek Bibby, both daughters of Kent farmers, who wanted people to think where their flowers came from.

Blooming Green is located on what was the first ever commercial Bramley orchard in their family fruit farm. The orchard was grubbed up, the soil was ploughed, enriched , and raised beds were installed. The beds were planted with a mixture of shrubs for foliage, annuals and perennials. Over time the pair have gained insight into what are “cut and come again flowers” such as zinnias, cosmos, agastache and dahlias.

The duo follow organic principles, although Blooming Green are not certified organic. Blooming Green’s other eco-friendly credentials include using peat-free compost on the farm, given that peat is not a renewable resource; and using a lot of compost for mulching, which has been made from garden waste.

Blooming Green use recycled and reusable vases, preferring to “use kilner jars and turning the humble catering tin into a funky vase”. All of Blooming Green’s packaging is 100% compostable.

For those who would like to pick larger quantities of flowers for a party or a wedding, Blooming Green offer picking dates. They also run a number of courses – from flower arranging to learning how to grow your own supply of cut flowers.

Blooming Green

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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