FaceTime A Farmer: Introducing the world of farming live to the classroom

FaceTime A Farmer is bringing the world of farming, food and the environment directly into the classroom.

The new initiative by Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) aims to bring the world of farming directly into the classroom, enabling children to learn about agriculture, where their food comes from, and the British countryside.

Farmer Tom Martin, of Village Farm in Cambridgeshire, came up with the idea of how to educate and inspire young people about agriculture and what daily life on a farm entails while attending an agriculture conference in Singapore.

He had spent the day hearing from a range of speakers and watching a big screen in the auditorium as farmers from across the world dialled in to a video conference via FaceTime and Skype and report live from their fields on the big issues they were facing in the industry.

A successful pilot was subsequently launched in the East of England with Tom Martin teaming up with a school in Newhaven. Every fortnight he would connect with the classroom through the spring and summer terms, covering all areas of the curriculum linked to farming, the countryside, and nature.

The FaceTime/Skype conference calls would enable the farmer to tell children what he had been up to on the farm while “out in the field”.

FaceTime A Farmer is now looking to extend the initiative and is calling on schools and farmers to get involved. Teachers, parents and farmers can find out more about the initiative, by checking FaceTime A Farmer’s website.

FaceTime A Farmer

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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