Heatwaves in unusual places? What are we to do about climate change?

Hot weather continuously and constantly with no cooler respite here and there is not something that us Brits are used to. This summer so far has seen unusual, scorching temperatures that has now created a shift in public moans and groans from a “lack of summer sunshine” on the British isles to the “damn, it’s too hot, get me out of here”.

This “unusual” weather is not about to change anytime soon. No time to wake up and “smell the coffee” so to speak on this one, as at this point in time, climate change is so far gone that it’s now right on our doorsteps.

It’s not like the world has not been warned – environmentalists, scientists and most of all, Mother Earth herself has been ringing the alarm bells for not months, but years, decades.

On a trip to Merzouga, in the southern part of Morocco’s Sahara Desert, sometime ago, I was laughed at by the Berber nomads who thought I was “mad” to sit up on the rooftop terrace in the blazing sunlight of the day sipping mint tea. Like many of the tourists from so called “cold countries”, that was a cue to soak up some sun due to a belief that “we never get much of a summer in England”. A reckless move on my part, however I was fortunate to not get heatstroke thankfully due to the indigenous people who took it upon themselves to ensure the “crazy” tourist moved away from the scorching heat and was well looked after.

I’m making this point, as quite frankly, the only time I’ve ever experienced consistent heat like this is near the equator. Yes, that place on earth where countries, towns and cities located around it experience hot weather throughout the year due to the sun which remains almost directly overhead everyday.

Now with climate change right up in everyone’s grill so to speak, the need to act is way more imperative than ever before. It’s hard to be positive about climate change, but right now all we got to be positive about is making changes in our lives that can help to circumvent it and make a difference, otherwise these heatwaves are here to stay whether people like them or not, and moreover like Brits abroad for one, the vast majority of people aren’t equipped to handle the changes.

There are a number of ways that you can help the planet and these are all simple steps. The below infographic gives some detail on how you can make a difference.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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