Bridge & Tunnel: Creating a sustainable denim brand while empowering female refugees

Denim fashion label Bridge & Tunnel is providing employment opportunities to women who have difficulties finding a job while creating clothes, accessories and interior design products from upcycled jeans.

The sustainable fashion label, based in Hamburg, specialises in creating new products out of denim fabric that gets thrown out, therefore each piece from the Bridge & Tunnel collection is unique.

At Bridge & Tunnel, the production manager teaches the employees how to make beautiful products out the fabric. The company also hosts short training sessions to improve the seamstresses’ skills.

Bridge & Tunnel label produces sweaters, rucksacks and carpets from recycled materials. Basic materials are purchased from clothing stores and produced locally in Wilhelmsburg in the south of Hamburg rather than abroad.

The label was set up by two friends – Hanna Charlotte Erhorn and Constanze Klotz – in 2013 with the desire for a business that incorporated both the sustainable and social aspect of business. 

Hanna Charlotte Erhorn and Constanze Klotz say: “With Bridge & Tunnel, we consciously make local and fair: in the middle of Hamburg, with people who could not find a job for a long time, but have great craftsmanship skills. For our design – accessories and interior – we use post-consumer waste. That’s why every product is unique. So we help valuable material resources to a new life in style and hopeful talents from all over the world to a fulfilling job with recognition.”

Bridge & Tunnel’s studio brings together disadvantaged people, mainly female refugees, who work together to create a better future.

Talented seamstresses from India and Turkey operate the sewing machines. And in recent months, the company has hired young professional, tailors from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran who have had to flee their native lands.

Bridge & Tunnel’s products are available to buy online.

Bridge & Tunnel

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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