Recycled Park: Floating park made from recycled plastic waste opens in Rotterdam

While the world is now fully aware that plastic takes hundreds of years, and in some cases thousands of years to decompose, the Netherlands-based Recycled Island Foundation has found a new use for it creating a floating island from recycled plastics.

The floating island, known as Recycled Park, opened to the public earlier this month. This prototype is constructed in a variation of hexagonal building blocks, from which a divers landscape is created.

Recycled Park contributes to greening the city and the improvement of the ecosystem in the Rotterdam harbour.

The Recycled Island Foundation and 25 partners created the Recycled Park by collecting recycled plastic waste from the Meuse River, before sending the waste to be transformed into the platforms. The team set traps along the Meuse River that collect waste, which is then gathered and transformed into platforms for the floating park.

With the platforms, the Recycled Island Foundation are aiming to prevent the plastics entering the North Sea through the New Meuse.

As well as helping to rid the waterways of plastic pollution, Recycled Park offers the public a green space to connect with nature as the floating island also serves as a wildlife habitat.

The building blocks are designed in such a way, that not only can plants grow on top and below the river surface, but it also provides a habitat conducive to sustaining marine life. The bottom of the platform will have a rough finishing where plants can have enough surface to grow and fish a place to leave their eggs.

The Recycled Island Foundation is currently exploring new locations for additional floating parks.

Recycled Park

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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