Rose water: A natural summer hair tonic

Summer sun and heat takes its toll on hair. One natural ingredient that benefits all hair types – whether its dry, normal or oily – is rose water. Add rose water to your summer hair care routine for luscious locks.

Minimise dryness and dandruff

Rose water also works well on dry and frizzy hair. Rose water can soothe the scalp and moisturise it.

Dry scalp ultimately leads to dry hair, and hence rehydrating the scalp really does the trick of eliminating frizz and treating dandruff.

Rose water is said to have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.  Rose water helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, the general scalp health is improved, and dandruff, oil, and other scalp conditions are greatly reduced.

If the summer sun is drying your hair out, consider stopping the use of shampoo and using rosewater in its place instead, by rinsing your hair with rose water. Rose water softens and conditions hair, unlike shampoo which strips the hair of natural oils and causes hair pH imbalances.

To get the maximum benefits for treating dry scalp and dry hair conditions, use glycerin along with rose water as the former enhances rose water’s moisturising ability. To make a solution, mix equal parts of glycerin and rose water. This slightly viscous liquid has to be massaged onto your scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes. After that, rinse well with lukewarm water. Repeat once or twice week for best results.

Regular use of rose water as a rinse will also prevent hair from breaking and strengthen the hair.

Controls oily hair 

Rose water’s pH is closer to the pH of your hair, which means it can reduce oil and restore the natural shine of your hair. To remove oil, take rose water on a cotton ball and rub it on your scalp by parting your hair. Once you have covered your whole scalp, wash your hair with rose water to remove whatever excess oil is present. This is a very effective treatment in controlling oil without leaving hair dry or frizzy.

Rose water can also be used in the place of oil-reducing shampoo, which can often be harsh on hair.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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