Ecoalf create sock-like Shao sneaker from ocean waste and algae

Sustainable fashion brand, Ecoalf, has created a new line of sneakers made from recycled plastic and algae found in oceans and rivers.

The Shao sneakers, which are part of Ecoalf’s new Ocean Waste footwear collection, are expected to launch in September 2018. It takes five old plastic bottles sourced from the Mediterranean Sea to create each pair of Shao sneakers.

The discarded plastic is processed into a yarn, which is used to create a black knitted upper sole that fits the wearer like a sock.

The outer sole is made from a type of algae that grows in excess in lakes and rivers. Ecoalf transforms this algae into a flexible foam that permits easy movement, while benefiting the environment.

The sneaker’s sock-like style has been designed to be simple and minimal so that it can be mass-produced as efficiently as possible with the two raw materials.

Speaking about the Shao sneakers to Dezeen, Ecoalf said: “Algae gives us the most flexible-performing foam. Also, removing it allows clean water to circulate properly, supports plant and animal life, and eliminates the need for non-renewable oils.”

“The process is zero-waste. We only use two materials, and construct the upper sole in a way that reduces the number of steps in the supply chain to just one. There are no laces, no insole, and we’ve printed our label to avoid using any extra fabric, without compromising on the design.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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