Green Schools Project helping schools to set up and run fun and engaging environmental projects

Green Schools Project is helping schools to set up a student-led environmental programme, supporting them to inspire their community to go green.

The project, founded by former teacher Henry Greenwood, supports young people to lead projects such as energy saving and encouraging walking to school. At the same time, Green Schools Project also help pupils to build their leadership, communication and teamwork skills as well as their confidence, resilience and wellbeing.

Aimed at secondary school pupils, Green Schools Project is transforming the attitudes and behaviour of every participating school community towards the local and wider environment.

Through the programme, schools receive expert visits to deliver an assembly, staff training, and energy saving support, and are matched with a university student volunteer who helps to coordinate and run an Eco-Team of pupils. It facilitates fun student-led activities with guides, resources and templates that are easy to follow and ready to use.

Students carrying out the projects have access to an online interactive portal on the Green Schools Project website where they are set tasks and can upload evidence that they have achieved them, gaining points and competing against other schools on the leader board.

Henry Greenwood, a teacher for 12 years before setting up Green Schools Project, was inspired to create an initiative designed to help schools become more sustainable while he himself was teaching. He noticed the school where he was teaching in Enfield lacked any environmental sustainability policies.

At the school, the maths teacher noticed how lights were left on all the time, recycling bins were unused, the heating in the winter was turned up to full blast and, if it got too hot, windows would be opened.

According to the former teacher, climate change is the most urgent environmental issue the world is currently facing.

Green Schools Project believe it is imperative that schools be a part of the solution, and therefore must focus on massively reducing their carbon emissions. This can be achieved through different means such as more renewable energy, more sustainable forms of transport, reducing carbon intensity of industry and tackling emissions from agriculture.

Green Schools Project

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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