Cycling Without Age: Enabling the elderly to enjoy their freedom and nature by way of trishaw rides

Cycling Without Age is helping the elderly – many of whom are no longer mobile or have limited mobility – to enjoy nature to its fullest by way of trishaw rides.

The movement was started by Ole Kassow in Denmark in 2012. Ole Kassow wanted to help the elderly get back on their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. The answer was a trishaw and he started offering free bike rides to the local nursing home residents.

Now, Cycling Without Age has become a worldwide movement, and operates across 38 countries around the world including the UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Ireland. It enables elderly people to get back in nature, whilst enjoying the company of a volunteer manning the trishaw.

The way it works is that volunteers, otherwise known as pilots, sign up for bike rides with the elderly through a simple booking system as often as they want to. It’s all driven by people’s own motivation.

At present, more than 300 chapters around the world offer Cycling Without Age from well over 1,300 trishaws – and the numbers are still growing. More than 10,000 pilots ensure that the elderly get out of their nursing homes, out on the bikes to enjoy the fresh air and the community around them.

Cycling Without Age say: “‘I miss cycling and getting fresh air’ – this is what we often hear from the elderly, we meet at nursing homes. Many of them no longer have the physical ability it takes to bike a trip down memory lane, down to the harbor or just a trip around to feel that they are still alive. This is how the mission behind Cycling Without Age was made: We want to give elderly the opportunity to feel the wind rush through their hair.”

If you would like to volunteer with Cycling Without Age, check the Cycling Without Age website

Cycling Without Age

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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