Brandless: Online grocery shopping made more affordable and more conscious

Brandless is an online grocery store making “better stuff accessible and affordable for more people”.

The online store, which sells over 300 everyday essentials all priced at $3 each, cuts out the middleman and ships direct to consumers.

The San Francisco-based start-up aims to take on major brands with its direct-to-consumer online offering based on non-branded products.

Among Brandless’s 300 or so products sold online are beauty and personal care products such as organic cotton tampons and pads, and Green Tea and Aloe Moisturising Shampoo and Green Tea and Aloe Moisturising Conditioner. Homewares including non toxic cleaning products, and bath tissue made from sugarcane and bamboo grass. Food items include organic granola and organic coffees.

Inspired by Japan’s Muji store, simplicity is key at Brandless – right down to the simple packaging of its products. Moreover, the $3 price mark on all goods does not compromise on quality – Brandless coffee and teas are all organic, and the people involved in production are treated ethically and paid fairly, while household cleaning supplies and hand soaps are toxic free and sulphate-free.

Making good products – many of which are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly – affordable to everyone is Brandless’ target.

Choices maybe limited but the basics are there. It is by narrowing consumers’ choice that is Brandless’s key to success, according to CEO and Co-founder Tina Sharkey.

The idea behind Brandless is that it can add value for the consumer by selling quality merchandise without a so-called “brand tax.” Instead of having a big logo emblazoned on a product, the actual attributes of the product are listed on the package instead.

Tina Sharkey believes that customers are more likely to shop in accordance with what they value, whether that’s a preference for organic or non-GMO products or a good value.

Brandless recently acquired $240million in funding from SoftBank. The company will be using some of the funds to expanding its inventory up to 400 products by the end of the year.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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