Kid Brooklyn: Graphic novel series, authored by a real kid from Brooklyn, teaching kids about saving the planet

Kid Brooklyn is a graphic novel series based on a real kid from Brooklyn and his friends, who are given the power to save the planet.

The 11-year-old author of Kid Brooklyn, Jaden Anthony, is a real kid from Brooklyn himself. In his graphic novel series, Jaden Anthony aims to introduce kids, from the ages of 7 to 12, to the environmental and social issues that challenge the world today.

Jaden Anthony addresses these issues through a fictional tale about a child from Brooklyn who together with his friends receives special powers to save the planet from evil aliens (disguised as corporations) and environmental crises.

The Kid Brooklyn series combines sci-fi, technology, and fantasy, with an educational aspect that informs while it entertains.

As the story goes, Kid Brooklyn was chosen by an alien being who left his home world when he learned of their desire to drain the Earth of all its natural resources. He entrusts Kid Brooklyn, who happens to be from “Brooklyn, NY” with rare “Sun Stones”. The Sun Stones, give Kid Brooklyn and his friends, super powers. Sun Stones amplify your natural talents, capabilities and what’s in your heart. If they fall into the wrong hands they also can amplify evil.

Once Kid Brooklyn and his friends accept their destiny, they must use these powers to stop the alien race from destroying earth’s natural resources.

Kid Brooklyn Comics

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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