Back from the Brink helping to save animal, plant and fungi species from extinction

Back from the Brink, touted as “one of the most ambitious conservation projects ever undertaken”, is aiming to to save 20 species in England from extinction and benefit over 200 more.

The project is a partnership between Natural England and Rethink Nature. Rethink Nature itself is a partnership of seven conservation charities including Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust, Bat Conservation Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation, Plantlife and the RSPB.

Back from the Brink is the first time that so many conservation organisations have come together with one focus in mind – to bring back from the brink of extinction some of England’s most threatened species of animal, plant and fungi.

There are numerous projects across England that Back from the Brink are involved in. One of the projects involves monitoring the elusive species of bat known as the Grey Long-eared Bat, found in South Devon.For the Grey Long-eared Bat, a critical habitat feature for them are the species rich grasslands and hedgerows where they forage for food and navigate through the landscape. Back to the Brink are working with landowners to ensure that there are bat friendly areas throughout the countryside.

Elsewhere Plantlife are working with farmers to save 13 key plant species in six regions in the south of England. Farmers are being encouraged to reverse the decline of flowers such as pheasant’s eye, corn buttercup and red hemp-nettle. Wildflowers on agricultural land have diminished by 96% over the last 200 years.

From hands on conservation work to bug identification, Back from the Brink are looking for volunteers to help to protect England’s precious wildlife. If you are interested in volunteering, visit the Back from the Brink website.

Back from the Brink

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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