Plastic fishing in Amsterdam with Plastic Whale

Plastic Whale is making a ride along Amsterdam’s canals all the more worthwhile and purposeful by encouraging boat riders to come and enjoy plastic fishing in an effort to clean up the city’s waterways.

A two-hour outing, Plastic Whale takes visitors out on a tour of the city’s infamous canals while fishing for plastic. Volunteers go “plastic fishing” with nets and collect the garbage from the canals before it can break down into microplastics or make it out to the ocean.

The plastic collected is recycled into whale boats – the exact same kind of boat that is used for the plastic fishing trip themselves.

Plastic Whale was founded by Marius Smit in 2011. Marius Smit was inspired to set up the business while travelling across Asia, where he was shocked by the plastic pollution he saw and wanted to make a difference. Returning to Amsterdam, he realised that the plastic problem was not just exclusive to Asia as the same was occurring in the canals at home.

Plastic Whale runs plastic fishing tours in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and is hoping to expand to Indonesia or India.

Plastic Whale

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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