Blue House Yard: Maker space and public space meeting local needs in Wood Green

Blue House Yard is a social space for locals and creatives in London’s Wood Green featuring workspaces, shops and weekend markets.

Framed by a bright blue refurbished studio complex of nine standalone worksheds, Blue House Yard was created to combine maker space with public space, retail space, leisure space and event space.

The colourful work space and social space also features a double decker bus transformed into a café, Bus Cafe, with seating on board and in the yard.

Blue House Yard, which opened last year and will remain in use for a five-year period, has welcomed a number of local businesses focused on sustainability. They include Rivenwood Coppice, which sells sustainable garden products and BBQ charcoal made from locally coppiced wood.

The Yard is also home to Harmless, a zero waste store, working with socially and environmentally conscious producers and suppliers to bring shoppers a fully sustainable shopping experience. Harmless sells whole foods and staples such as pasta, flour, household cleaning and feminine hygiene products, and encourages shoppers to bring in their own containers.

Blue House Yard was built in an area where small businesses are thriving. Haringey’s economy is dominated by small businesses. Over 90% of businesses in the Borough employ 10 or fewer people.

Recognising and acknowledging the contribution that small businesses make to the local economy, in addition to the limitations that rising rents and a lack of suitable workspace have on the sector, Haringey Council decided to create Blue House Yard.

Housed on the former site of a car park and old council building, Blue House Yard will be in operation for a five-year period

Blue House Yard

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

2 thoughts on “Blue House Yard: Maker space and public space meeting local needs in Wood Green

  1. As soon as I saw the first picture I loved it, amazing what a bit of wood and colourful paint can do. I hope it is allowed to stay longer than five years, perhaps these hubs are the new shopping centre. People just like a destination, somewhere to go and mix and look and relax.


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