Kids Against Plastic campaigning to reduce use of the BIG 4 plastic polluters

Kids Against Plastic are aiming to educate people of the UK on the negative effects of single-use plastic on the environment.

The campaigning group was set up by sisters Amy and Ella Meek two years, who alongside their parents, decided that they couldn’t sit back and do nothing about the amount of single-use plastic pollution they were seeing going to landfill, onto streets, flowing into rivers, and reaching the far reaches of the world’s oceans.

At the time, they were also learning that plastic never biodegrades, it never goes away but instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, and that seafood people eat, is very likely to have nano plastics (and the toxins they attract) in it.

Deciding to take action, Amy and Ella Meek have worked tirelessly, over the last two years, to inspire school children, engage politicians, business leaders and academics, and to motivate families, cafés, businesses and people to do something about the problems caused by single-use plastics and to become “Plastic Clever”.

Plastic Clever is a ‘way of thinking’ as much as anything else. Focusing on the BIG 4 plastic polluters – coffee cups and lids, plastic bottles, straws and plastic bags – Kids Against Plastic are working to encourage people to follow simple steps and take some simple action to help reduce the number of single-use plastic items consumed (and thrown away).

Kids Against Plastic

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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