Seed Co-Operative Open Day: Get acquainted with the UK’s community-owned seed company

Seed Co-Operative, the UK’s community-owned seed company, is hosting an open day on 15 September giving visitors the opportunity to find out more about the business involved in building a resilient food system.

The event, which is held at Seed Co-Operative’s Lincolnshire-based Gosberton Bank Nursery, includes a guided tour of the seed crops being harvested and the seed processing equipment, as well as talks from experts. The Open Day, which takes place from 10.30am to 5pm, is free for visitors to attend.

It also provides people with an opportunity to get to know the community-owned seed company, which grows and sells organic and biodynamic open pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seed.

In the UK, 9 of every 10 mouthfuls of food derives from seed, yet little vegetable seed is now produced.  A total of 80% of the organic open pollinated vegetable seed sold in the the UK is currently imported. Globally 75% of seed is sold by just three corporations including Monsanto whose main interests lie in pesticides and fertiliser.

Seed Co-Operative’s focus is on regenerating UK farm-based organic seed production and participatory plant breeding amongst small scale growers to ensure the availability of appropriately priced seed of the best quality and suitable for UK growing conditions.

Through the community ownership of a seed company, people have the opportunity to take a stake in their food future. Seed Co-operative represents co-operation between people who eat food and people who grow food, but also between people and the natural world.”

David Price of the Seed Co-operative said: “Food is not ‘man-made’ but produce of the natural world and it all starts with seed.  We are bringing seed production back home and re-connecting farmers, growers, gardeners, chefs and ‘people who eat’ with the natural world, through co-operation.  Diversity, health and democracy is what our seed is all about.”

For more details about the Seed Co-Operative Open Day, visit the Seed Co-Operative website

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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