Remakery’s Reuse Lab: Celebrating and connecting the repair and reuse community

Reuse Lab is a programme of events, coinciding with this month’s London Design Festival, celebrating and connecting the repair and reuse community.

Reuse Lab, which has been devised by Brixton’s Remakery, includes events on tote box making, cable reel stool making, book binding, vinyl bag making, upcycling a chair, natural dyes, ceramic jewellery and making a skirt. The events are held during London Design Festival from 15-23 September.

Housed in a former underground car park in between north Brixton and Camberwell, Remakery is a space for making things from waste materials, which is open to local residents, makers, artists and businesses. Remakery aims to reduce waste and support the local community by sharing skills and sparking ideas.

Among the other events taking place as part of Reuse Lab includes a tour of the Remakery and an opportunity for visitors to find out how to fix their broken possessions, including expert advice from Remakery residents.

Remakery was founded in 2012 as a workspace providing access to materials and tools for “Remakers”, including local residents, makers, artists and businesses, who then use them to create products, art and enterprises.

Any profit in Remakery’s business is recycled to subsidise Remakery membership and social programmes for those at a disadvantage in our community.

To find out more about the Reuse Lab events, visit the Remakery website

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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