Swedish store develops Old Milk fragrance to help people rely on their senses to tackle food waste

Swedish grocery chain, Coop, has resorted to Old Milk – a fragrance that smells just like milk gone bad – to help reduce food waste in Sweden at home, by helping people to understand the difference between drinkable and undrinkable milk.

The Old Milk fragrance aims to get people to trust their own sense of smell and taste, rather than relying on best before dates in determining whether to throw away outdated food.

A study by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency shows that 30% of food waste in Sweden is still edible. It is estimated that most food waste in the world is from dairy products, tea and coffee.

While the Old Milk fragrance reminds people of how bad milk smells, it was essentially developed to encourage people to use their senses more – so smell and taste – to help combat food waste.

Anneli Bylund, Acting Head of Sustainability at Coop, said: “Food waste is one of our biggest global sustainability challenges we’re facing today. With the fragrance Old Milk, we want to make people decrease their food waste at home, by helping them understand the difference between drinkable and undrinkable milk. Don’t be afraid to smell, taste and look at the food before you throw it out.”

Coop customers can order free samples of Old Milk at coop.se/oldmilk and learn more about how to decrease food waste at home along with tips and recipes for dishes done on leftover food.

Coop has won several awards for their sustainability work in 2018 including being named Sweden’s most sustainable brand by The Sustainable Brand Index, as well as being heralded the greenest brand in Sweden by Differ.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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