The Green Passage: Rotterdam’s sustainable shopping centre paving the way for more like it

Rotterdam’s green and fair trade shopping centre, The Green Passage (de Groene Passage), is somewhat of a gem – the only sustainable shopping centre in Europe, The Green Passage is a one-stop shop for conscious consumers.

While “sustainable shopping centres” may be few and far between, The Green Passage is no recent contender. The Green Passage started up more than 20 years ago when seven shopkeepers with the same idea came together to create a sustainable, fair trade and green shopping experience for consumers.

Among the green retailers at The Green Passage are Gimsel, an additive-free supermarket where people can shop from bulk containers; Gimsel Academy where visitors can participate in activities that support their wellbeing such as meditation and yoga, as well as other therapies; organic and vegetarian restaurant, Spirit; The Green Road, a bio-craft and organic butcher’s shop; home and interiors shop, From The Inside, selling products made from natural sources; World Shop featuring a range of fair trade and sustainable gifts from around the world; and beauty salon, Aditi.

A green passage in every sense of the words, The Green Passage also offers a space in which to learn about adopting a natural, balanced lifestyle.

The sustainable shopping centre may well be one of many popping up throughout the world, as its presence becomes known and inspires many like it.

The Green Passage

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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