The Camden Highline aiming to create “a new green artery for London”

The High Line – New York City’s elevated public park – has inspired many and sparked several projects worldwide to recreate its charm and reuse of former railway lines as vital and thriving green spaces in cities.

London has its own plans too. The Camden Highline proposes to convert a stretch of disused railway line between Camden Town and King’s Cross into an elevated park. Running for about 800 metres above some of Camden’s busiest roads, it will be a new link for pedestrians and cyclists as well as a public green space. The project is still at an early stage,

Still in its planning phase, The Camden Highline would transform the former North London Line – a railway which was built in the 1850s to connect north London to the docks in the east of the city. The railway line has been abandoned for the last 30 years.

The Camden Highline – a propsed 0.8km garden walk, 18 metres wide, and 8 metres high, on a disused elevated railway line would create a new type of green infrastructure for walking and cycling, and link Camden Town to King’s Cross by a 10-minute walk.

The route of The Camden Highline would begin on the north side of the North London Line above Kentish Town Road. It would then travel eastwards, to the north of Camden Road station, over several intact railway bridges, and on to Camley Street. Finally it would end on York Way, which leading into King’s Cross.

Since launching a successful fundraising campaign last June to pay for a feasibility study into the idea of transforming the disused railway line into a public park, the team behind The Camden Highline project, led by project manager Adam Richards has undertaken a significant amount of work behind the scenes to develop the project.

The Camden Highline now has a business plan and has also held a series of meetings with interested parties. The project itself has also received the support of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

The Camden Highline team, who refer to the project as “a new green artery for London” is now working on achieving the relevant permissions to take over the railway track and redevelop it as well as fundraising the construction cost, which is likely to run into the tens of millions. They have also launched a Friend of the Camden Highline campaign, which asks for donations to the project until it has permissions and funding in place.

The team are also leading free walking tours of the proposed route for The Camden Highline on selected dates. To support the project, visit The Camden Highline website.

The Camden Highline

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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