EcoForms’ stylish, sturdy and sustainable plant pots

If your houseplants need repotting or you are moving your windowsill collection of herbs indoors as the weather gets cooler, EcoForms earth-friendly pots should do the job for a sturdy and sustainable plant pot.

EcoForms’ plant pots are made from renewable grain fibers and are biodegradable. The EcoForms range come include traditional plant pots in a natural colour, under the Grower Series; the Quadra series featuring modern square pots ideal for tabletops and windowsills; elegant and practical designs under the Decor series; and the Nova series of simple and stylish pots.

The family-run business, based in Northern California, was formed out of the desire to find an alternative to plastic pots. With over 30 years of experience as wholesale organic growers, EcoForms’ commitment to sustainability extends to its facility as well, which is solar powered, and their local delivery trucks run on 100% bio-diesel.

EcoForms say: “The seed of our efforts was the founding of Sweetwater Nursery in 1977. For almost 30 years, we have brought organic plants to West Coast gardeners — exploring the secrets of each variety in our trial gardens, and then sharing the best with our customers. Continuing the use of plastic pots in our nursery concerned us. Our search for an alternative led us to the resilient, yet compost-able, pots made from renewable grain fibers—today’s EcoForms™ pots. The use of these containers in our own growing operations has given us another way to reduce our reliance on petroleum products.”

EcoForms’ plant pots are available online from EcoForms website

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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