Feng Shui for the Bedroom: Dos and Donts

Creating a sanctuary in your bedroom can be supported by applying the principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui means “wind water” in Chinese, and is the art of channeling natural lifeforce energy called “qi” to benefit our health, energy, and wealth.

According to feng shui, the proper arrangement of objects in living spaces will deflect bad qi, and beckon the good qi to flow in our lives. Working with the basic laws of nature, feng shui takes advantage of natural elements in the world like sunlight or greenery so people can be more in tune with their body’s natural inclinations.

When it comes to the bedroom, the energy should be one of peace, harmony, passion and sensuality – an ideal environment conducive to sleeping, having sex, replenishing energy levels, and healing.

To create a harmonious bedroom, there are a number of feng shui tips that you can use.

Feng Shui Dos

Choose a colour scheme based on skin tones

Feng shui recommends the use of so-called “skin tones” when looking for a colour scheme for the bedroom. That’s off-white, creams, and chocolate browns. These colours are known to be soothing.

Peach tones can also be used but needs to be applied with caution, since peach is believed to be very effective at attracting a partner. Good news if you are single, but it also can mean you may attract attention from several different people. And if you are married or in a long-term relationship, you may attract unwanted attention. Hence feng shui experts suggest using peach as an accent tone on pillows, throws, and small objects instead of walls.

Aid relaxation by placing your bed in the right position

Get a good bed with a headboard. In feng shui, headboards provide a feeling of support in life. Platform beds are ideal, but make sure that these have smooth finishes round the ends, rather than sharp angles. A good mattress and good quality bedding made from natural fibres is also important.

In terms of placement of the bed, place it in the “command position” so you can see the entry door when you are lying in bed, but should not be directly in line with the door. Avoid having the bed on the same wall as your door, as according to feng shui, it can negatively affect sleep and cause you to feel threatened.

Your bed should be easily approachable from both sides. You can also place two bedside tables (one on each side), with some soft lighting.

Soft lighting 

Lighting plays a very important part of the room function in a bedroom. Choose soft lights for your bedside lamps. Avoid bright overhead lighting, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting.

A light fixture directly over the bed is considered inauspicious and can lead to health issues with your liver and eyesight.

Candles are also a good lighting treatment for the bedroom. Not only do candles clear the energy but they also create an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Kit your bedroom out in pairs

In feng shui, placing bedroom items symmetrically and in pairs – two candles, two pillows, matching bedside lamps, identical bedside tables – promotes loving, harmonious energy.

Also place a pair of decorative mandarin ducks in the room’s Love Corner – the far right corner, looking in from the door – to help improve your love life. Ducks are significant in feng shui for love as they mate for life.

Keep the air in your room fresh and moving

It’s important to open the windows often to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and to ensure the air in the room does not become stagnant. You can also use an aroma diffuser, making use of essential oils to purify the air in yoyr bedroom. You can use cedarwood oil to clear negative energies, lavender to promote sleep and cinnamon to kick start a night of hot passion.

Feng Shui Donts


Remove all TVs, electronics, appliances, and phones so that they do not produce any energy around you, since electronics bring the energy of work, stress, and merely serve as a distraction.


Feng shui does not advise having mirrors in the bedroom. Mirrors are said to reflect energy around the bedroom, which may result in restlessness and sleeplessness. They’re also said to amplify worries.


Keeping water features in the bedroom is a feng shui “no,no”. No fountain, no pictures or paintings of water or boats on water.


Feng shui advises against clutter of any kind whether it’s in the bedroom or under the bed. It’s advisable that you clear your bedroom of any clutter before you start decorating and working to make your bedroom feng shui-friendly.


As a general rule, Plants in the bedroom are not considered good feng shui unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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