Functional fashion: Bioscarf helps to fight air pollution and allergies

A functional fashion accessory, Bioscarf, is helping to fight air pollution and allergies with a built-in filter that is said to filter 95% of airborne contaminants.

Each Bioscarf can help protect its wearer from many of the common airborne contaminants associated with air pollution. The fashionable product has an N95 rating, which means that it is capable of blocking non-oil based airborne particles 3.0 microns in size or larger.

Whether one is out for a bike ride, on a bus or plane, or just out on the street, the Bioscarf has been designed to give its wearer comfort and protection wherever, and whenever, it is needed.

Bioscarf, which is sustainably constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled PET water bottles and its labels are made out of recycled PVC. It comes in classic colours including black, white, khaki green and camouflage.

The revolutionary scarf was designed and developed by husband and wife team, Carlton Solle and his wife, Hazel. Hazel Solle was inspired to invent the Bioscarf after her husband became ill whilst on a business trip to the Hubei Province in China. While in China, he was informed by a doctor that the sickness was a result of air pollution. The physician informed him that the only solution was to use a mask.

On Carlton Solle’s return home to Georgia, the couple began to research various ways he could not only protect himself but potentially help the millions of people who suffer from air pollution all around the world. His wife, who grew up in Costa Rica, quickly envisioned a plan to invent a scarf that can filter airborne contaminants.

Hazel Solle recalls: “I grew up in the countryside in Costa Rica. My favorite toys growing up were two hand me down dolls.  The clothes on the dolls were old and worn so anytime I could get my hands-on fabric scraps I would try to make them new outfits. Most of the time the scraps weren’t big enough for entire outfits so I started to make little scarfs for them.

“When my husband mentioned what had happened and that there had to be something better than one of the white masks that make you look like you are sick, I thought back to the dolls and those scarfs and that’s when I came up with the idea. Something fashionable that could add a special touch to any outfit but that could also help protect you at the same time.”

With experts saying that over 2 billion kids around the world are breathing toxic air yet nobody is talking about it, Hazel Solle intends for Bioscarf “to not only raise awareness about this issue but to more importantly give many of the people at risk who don’t have the means to protect themselves something to help them combat air pollution on a daily basis”.

Having grown up in Costa Rica with “very limited resources”, Hazel Solle is keen to give back, hence why under Bioscarf’s PlusOne Program, the company donates one Bioscarf to an individual at risk for every Bioscarf sold.

When the environmentally aware company launched in 2016, part of its initial production run was allocated for the Standing Rock protesters and victims of the recent forest fires in the southern US.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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