The Inconvenience Store: Melbourne’s first Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket fighting food waste

The Inconvenience Store is Melbourne’s first permanent Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket, using rescued food.

The Thornbury-based project works with local restaurants, farmers markets and businesses (including Aldi, Dench Bakers and SecondBite) to salvage some of their produce and make it available the public. Shoppers can name their price, and those who can’t afford to pay for their goods are welcome to take what they need at no cost.

The Inconvenience Store is part of the growing Lentil As Anything family: the pay-what-you-like food project that provides employment and hospitality training for people from marginalised backgrounds.

Australians waste up to 4 million tonnes of food annually, and discard up to 20% of the food they purchase.

Stock at The Inconvenience Store varies on a week-to-week basis, but typical foods available include vegetables, fruit, bread, house-made pickles and preserves

The project is the second of its kind in Australia after Sydney’s OzHarvest Market, which opened last year.

The supermarket is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, with all money spent by consumers going toward overheads such as electricity, transport and storage.

The Inconvenience Store

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

2 thoughts on “The Inconvenience Store: Melbourne’s first Pay-As-You-Feel supermarket fighting food waste

  1. The pay-as-you-wish model works well where fruits and vegetables are abundant. A friend often leave excess produce like mangoes and cucumbers outside his farm in Maui, and are happy to share what he produces with the locals driving by.

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