Paperthinks: Accessories for those who love leather and want to be green too

Paperthinks is making it possible for those who like leather, want to add colour in their life and want to be kinder to the planet have what exactly they desire and be green too.

The accessories brand make products – including tote bags, rucksacks, wallets, notebooks and coin purses – from recycled leather.

Paperthinks’ recycled leather is made from the off cuts, trimmings and shavings from the wastage of other leather manufacturing processes like cow leather gloves and jackets in the welding industry from Asia, which ultimately not only reduces the wastage going to landfill sites but also saves animals.

What is particularly standout about the Paperthinks’ leather basics range is their inspirational colour scheme – everything from the bold such as scarlet, yellow gold, claret and rubine; pastels such as limone, pesca and pistachio; through to classics including ivory, black and russet.

Describing its colouring process, Paperthinks said: “Our colour treatment doesn’t involve those harmful chemicals that pollute the water table and can be harmful to the consumers and the environment. Instead we use a laminate technique, providing you with high quality recycled leather in an array of beautiful colours.”


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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