The Eco Larder: Husband and wife team set to open Edinburgh’s first ever zero waste shop

Edinburgh is to soon welcome its first ever dedicated zero waste shop, The Eco Larder.

The husband-and-wife team behind the zero waste initiative are aiming to get the shop open on 20 November, and are now calling on volunteers to help them make it happen – anyone from project managers, shop fitters, electricians to joiners.

Earlier this year Matt and Stephanie Foulds reached their £20k target to open zero waste shop after a fundraising drive launched on Crowdfunder.

As a zero waste shop, The Eco Larder aims to change consumer behaviour around packaging and plastic waste. It will stock a wide range of everyday goods including dry foods, herbs and spices, nuts, cosmetics, washing powder and pet food, all provided loose in large bins that remove the need for plastic packaging.

The Eco Larder will be dedicated to being totally package free, and customers will be required to bring along their own recycled or multiple use containers to fill themselves, they’ll then get weighed and a price charged for the item(s).

The shop will also stock items that assist with living a zero waste lifestyle, from bamboo coffee cups and tooth brushes to cloth bags and nappies; disposable nappies are a huge source of plastic waste and are regularly found in ocean rubbish patches.

The Eco Larder founders Matt and Stephanie Foulds say: “Our aim is to reduce plastic waste filling up our oceans and to create a greener planet. If we don’t change our plastic consumption, our ecosystems, health and economies will have a lasting catastrophic impact on future generations.

“Being a Social Enterprise means the profits will go back into good causes. Out profits will go to both global and local environmental charities as it is one planet one Mother Earth.”

The couple – who recently welcomed their first child, Jasmina – say the birth of their daughter spurred them on to create a greener planet for future generations, as well as to help the people of Edinburgh reduce their waste.

The Eco Larder will host local clean up missions, as well as have a dedicated space for educating the public on how to reduce waste and free workshops to create homemade cleaning and personal care products.

The Eco Larder

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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