Robin Wood: Sustainable music boxes made from city wood

A furniture maker is saving old city trees in Holland from being shredded by turning them into handcrafted music boxes.

Rob de Looff collects sustainable local wood, turning the city wood into beautiful music boxes.

The furniture designer, who founded Robin Wood three years ago, captures the essence of every single tree he works with – whether it was felled due to sickness, damage or planned redevelopment – some of which had stood in a city for over 100 years.

Every music box is unique – location details of the origin of the tree used are found on the underside of each box.

Robin Wood make different types of music boxes, from small boxes to ones with a mechanic that you have to wind up yourself, to boxes that play automatically when you open them. The various woods use include beech, acacia, ash, plane and lime.

The quaint boxes feature wood etchings including a bird and a ballerina. They can also be customised with a choice of melody including Amazing Grace, Greensleeves and Lovers Concerto.

Robin Wood

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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