Urban Mermaid Lindsay Cole swimming the Thames to raise awareness of single-use plastics

Urban Mermaid Lindsay Cole is donning her tail to swim 200 miles down the Thames to raise awareness about the affect single-use plastic is having on the environment.

Lindsay Cole set off on November 2 from Lechdale in Gloucestershire to swim down to Teddington, south London, while dressed as a mermaid.

Along the way, the urban mermaid has been collecting plastic to show how “we’re choking our mermaids and creatures in our waters”.

Since beginning her journey last Friday, the adventurer and campaigner has been travelling some of the 200-mile stretch while wearing a mermaid’s tail. In her support boat, steered by artist Barbara de Moubray, a giant mermaid sculpture made from plastic bottles is being ferried alongside her.

The pair have been asking passers-by to litter pick along the river and put their findings into the mermaid. During November, they will also be visiting schools along the route to help educate pupils about plastic.

Saving the planet from plastic is not the only rescue mission that Lindsay Cole has taken part in, as on the second day of her stretch down the Thames, as she swam in Oxfordshire, she encountered a stranded cow who was struggling for breath in the water.

The adventurer – who has run across Britain and cycled through South Africa – called fire services and a specialist rescue crew used a hoist to haul the cow out of the water.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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