Road Trip: A double-decker bus serving as a “green space” connecting kids and communities with nature

In a world clued on to repurposing and engaging people of all ages in fun and informative ways, Road Trip is a double-decker bus with a difference – serving as a “green space” where kids and communities around California can learn about growing their own food and connecting with nature.

Housed on the 32-foot double decker bus are DIY stations, an inspiring prep kitchen, and hands-on workshops like pickling, canning, and planting. Road Trip made its debut during spring when The Ecology Center’s initiative travelled across Southern California reaching over 4,000 students, in 10 schools across 9 cities. It also travelled around in the summer visiting community festivals.

Road Trip’s focus is on teaching skills – such as tending to the land, pickling, seed saving, and natural dyeing – passed down by generations.

The Ecology Center said: “Our ancestors passed down these skills to ensure our land stay fruitful and also so their families could thrive in their ecosystems. The Ecology Center’s skills-based learning approach ensures a healthy and abundant future for all.

“With Road Trip, we’re imagining that any and every school can become the epicenter of a community ecosystem. A mobile version of The Ecology Center, Road Trip allows us to easily share skills and inspiration to transform and redesign spaces into thriving ecosystems that support all life forms. From different plants and pollinators to the perfect space for a farm-to-table dinner, through Road Trip, we’re creating habitat for all species.

“A community ecosystem should be a place where children, parents, and families can learn how to work and play and grow together in healthy ways. That’s why we’re teaching the skills to build, from start to finish, the types of experiences that grow a true community system — whether it be a garden build or a shared meal or a farmers market.”

Road Trip

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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