BLUNT Umbrellas: Re-inventing the umbrella and reducing the number of broken umbrellas in landfill

Umbrellas are one of those accessories that get lost, poke eyes, can be temperamental on windy days, get snapped up in shops as soon as the Heavens open, and are also significant contributors to landfill. That’s where accessory brand BLUNT has set out to re-invent and revolutionise the umbrella.

Featuring a canopy design that unfurls, BLUNT have created a range of umbrellas that are safe to use and are built to last, enduring all kinds of wet and windy terrains. The canopy-design is simple and stylish, available in a range of nine different models to suit most people.

BLUNT umbrellas were invented by Kiwi engineer Greig Brebner, who while living in London and dealing with rainy commutes, noticed how unsafe umbrellas were – being so tall, the spikes often poked him in the eye.

He also noticed how umbrellas had become a throwaway commodity, mainly due to poor-quality materials and flimsy, outdated design.

So to save his eyes and reduce the number of broken umbrellas that end up as landfill each year, BLUNT Umbrellas was born, with its spikeless technology.

BLUNT Umbrellas’ have teamed up with global water charity, charity: water, to offer a limited edition umbrella featuring a black canopy with swirls and yellow edging. For every BLUNT + charity: water umbrella sold, Blunt will donate $10 towards building a water project for a community in need.

BLUNT Umbrellas are available online 

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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