Book Review: Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect by The Mindfulness Project

Nature is all around us and there is never a moment in which we are “away” from nature. In fact it is impossible to live in this world without nature – the sky never takes a vacation, the air that one needs in order to breathe is not an illusion, one can’t consume any liquids without water, and everything that one eats derives from nature – yet the stark reality is that many people are disconnected from nature.

Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect is a fun and engaging workbook that seeks to help people reconnect with nature in a simple and doable way. The numerous benefits of connecting with nature are well-documented – everything from helping people to destress, relieving symptoms of depression, and for children, being in nature can help to inspire them and boost their confidence.

With Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect, The Mindfulness Project is helping readers to make that connection by encouraging them to take small and simple steps “into the wild” so to speak. There’s exercises that help readers to be aware of the elements, wildlife, plants and trees.

Being in nature helps people to unwind, relax and to be present. The practice of mindfulness whilst in nature enables one to appreciate the beauty and simplicity in life through making that connection to Mother Nature and all her facets.

Whether you live in the countryside or a city, Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect will have resonance for everyone. It encourages readers to take a walk locally – somewhere familiar and somewhere not so familiar. The workbook can be used to make notes in, and it gives simple tools to help plant that much-needed nature seed and to help maintain that connection be it through flower pressing, growing your own herbs at home, learning to identify trees, and being aware of the sounds of nature through birds, for instance.

The book, which was produced by the London-based The Mindfulness Project, also gives practical advice on how to meditate – something which many people also find challenging – in the midst of nature. It also teaches people of how to appreciate everything in life and to practice the art of giving gratitude for all that is.

Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect encourages readers to switch off their mobile phones while in nature, which in and of itself goes a long way to helping people be present and to become mindful. So whether you live in a city – yes, nature even shows its face in the midst of concrete where weeds or some form of edible even can be found growing in between pavements – or in the sprawling countryside or whether you are accustomed to nature or not, the messages are simple and there is learning for everyone in Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect no matter what age.

Into Nature – Mindful ways to unplug and reconnect by The Mindfulness Project is available from Amazon, Wordery and all good bookshops

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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