Reviews: Root 7’s reusable water bottle, OneBottle

In my quest for a suitable vessel to hold water in, both to have at my desk and to travel around with, I’m happy to say that I’ve found that special something by way of Root7’s OneBottle.

A double walled stainless steel bottle, with a copper coated layer inside the bottle, OneBottle is a stunning design classic of a reusable water bottle. With a black marble design, akin to kitchen table tops, OneBottle is not just a durable product but also a piece of art as it now proudly sits on my desk.

Heavier than some other reusable bottles, given that it is double walled, the OneBottle is most certainly built to last. It carries 500ml of water or liquid of your choice, which is a substantial amount if you are out on the go. If you are one who tends to not drink enough water, having the OneBottle at your desk may encourage you to drink more water. It also keeps water cold for up to 30 hours, which is also a bonus.

OneBottle comes in eight different designs, including polished steel, brushed copper, and avocado green, among others. I was especially drawn to the black marble design – a unique twist and swirl on classic black. With a high-quality and high-shine finish, a striking feature of the black marble- design bottle, this particular OneBottle can even be used as a scrying tool if you so choose.

The high-sheen factor means you have to take special care when cleaning the OneBottle, making sure to use a soft cloth rather than any abrasive cleaning tool, and it should not be put in a dishwasher.

Reusable water bottles are no new feat as there are currently numerous brands offering hard-wearing water bottles, aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastic water bottles. I have toyed with the idea of acquiring a reusable water bottle for the best part of a year – not because I didn’t want to do my bit for the environment, but largely because I’m more of a coffee person on the go and my needs had already been met by way of a reusable coffee cup, whereas at home, there were numerous recycled glass water bottles that I put to use – filling them up with water and grabbing a glass whenever I needed.

But my time of doing that was clearly up when one of my water-loving kitties managed to push a glass of water off my desk with his curious paws, while I was otherwise occupied, which ended up smashed to smithereens on the floor. A no glass rule around the kitties was quickly enforced and fortunately the next day, my new OneBottle rocked up in the post. A blessing on all accounts.

Another feature of the OneBottle is its ability to keep liquid hot for up to 20 hours. I have yet to use it for that purpose, but given that Root7’s OneBottle has proven its worth as a high quality product, made to last, I’m sure that that time will come at some point in its lifetime.

Root7’s OneBottle in Black Marble, RRP £25, is available from Amazon

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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