Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival celebrates sustainable living and the arts

Wonderfruit, Thailand’s pioneering celebration of the arts and sustainable living, returns for its fifth installment this month.

The four-day festival, which takes place in Pattaya from 13 December to 17 December, features live music, DJs, talks, workshops, art installations, world cuisine, meditation and yoga.

Wonderfruit was created as “a 4-day celebration of the arts to catalyze positive impact”. The Thai beach resort of Pattaya, not usually known for its family-friendly events, will be transformed into an eco-friendly gathering for the purpose of inspiring change.

A dedicated Eco Pavillion will host talks and workshops on sustainability. Designed by London-based designer Ab Rogers, the locally-sourced bamboo structure features 100 handcrafted cotton umbrellas that when illuminated by the sun creates a kaleidoscopic canopy of soft-coloured light.

Other experiences at Wonderfruit Festival include In the Eyes of the Animal where a wooden Virtual Reality headset will lead festival-goers through a familiar forest landscape through the perspective of woodland animals; the Bath House where you can relax and discover bath rituals; the Silent Room for those in need of meditation; the Wonder Garden with its range of wellness experiences; and architectural structures like the Dew Flower Tower to interact with.

Among the festival’s music highlights include DJs Toshio Matsuura, founding member of Japan’s United Future Organization (UFO), and Nightmares on Wax.

There’s no shortage of eco-friendly efforts at the Wonderfruit Festival where stages and structures are built from sustainable materials and with techniques that avoid using nuts and bolts. The drinking water is filtered water from the on-site lake. Single-use plastics are banned and the festival’s carbon footprint is offset by investing in mangroves in Myanmar. They have even begun using a crypto-currency called TREE to pay some of their collaborators, which goes towards supporting the mangrove forest in Myanmar.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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