Freediver Katarina Linczenyiova helping rid ocean waste from deepest ocean floors

Freediver Katarina Linczenyiova is helping to rid ocean waste from some of the deepest ocean floors that have never before been reached.

The 25-year-old Slovakianhas cleared one hectare of the seabed in Dahab, Egypt of almost 40 kilos of waste. And she has also been involved in clean up operations near the island of Hyrda in Greece and in the glacial lake Popradske Pleso, in Slovakia.

Katarina Linczenyiova discovered freediving at 17, when she found it to help her regain control of her health having suffered from an autoimmune disease. Freediving is diving without the assistance of breathing apparatus and without leaving any effect on the surroundings. To accomplish this, freedivers learn breath hold techniques in order to do entire dives on one breath.

Katarina Linczenyiova became well known in the freediving and athletic world in 2013 when she established the women’s third deepest freedive at constant weight record – 85 metres.

The freediver is due to launch an awareness-raising project next year which aims to educate children at schools around Central Europe about waste problems.

Image source: Katarina Linczenyiova’s Facebook page

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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