Juta Shoes: Sustainable espadrille shoes handmade by East London women

Everyone loves a pair of comfy slippers to dart around the house in? But how about owning a bespoke pair of slippers for you or a loved one?

Juta Shoes, a social enterprise empowering women through craft, make bespoke espadrille slippers using reclaimed leather for the upper and environmentally-friendly jute for the soles. Given the nature of working with upcycled leather, Juta’s leather selection changes monthly.

Each pair of mule-style espadrille slippers and espadrille shoes is handmade at Juta Shoes’s East London studio by a local woman who faces barriers to employment. Juta offers women a safe and supportive space in the community where they can gain new skills and build their confidence. Once trained, a flexible job awaits paid above the London Living Wage.

Launced in 2016 by Sabeha Miah and Joanna Hamer – both of whom have worked within the East London community – Juta Shoes are made entirely from sustainable materials. Recycled leather is sourced from local factory offcuts, as is the reclaimed vegan faux fur used. The strong and hardy material that is jute is sourced from a family-run factory in southern Spain, where it is woven, pressed, and vulcanised.

All of Juta Shoes’ profits go towards providing sustainable and supported employment and opportunities for the women they work with.

While it may be late to place an order in time for Christmas, Juta Shoes also do gift cards which may make an ideal gift for those in need of a sustainable pair of slippers.

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea






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