Route Del Sol: Solar powered road trip raising awareness of sustainable transport

Changemakers Route Del Sol are on a mission to drive a solar powered electric camper van from Alaska to Argentina, while raising awareness of sustainable modes of transport.

Navigating the longest network of roads in the world, the team of two – Australians Joel Gregory Hayes and Keegan Taccori – are aiming to be the first to drive a solar powered, 100% electric camper van from Alaska to Argentina.

To make their two-year journey possible, Route Del Sol have launched a Kickstarter campaign. The pair of social entrepreneurs are hoping to raise £7903 by 21 December, and are calling on people to help them reach their goal. The funds will be used for the bare essentials to sustain Route Del Sol for two years on the road, including camera equipment for filming.

Route Del Sol say: “We’re highlighting the transition that our societies are currently undertaking to transition to 100% renewable energy. This is an economic shift as well as a consciousness shift. Our climate is changing and the world desperately needing to change, and much more rapidly.

“We want to ultimately raise awareness in the space surrounding human interaction with energy and our addiction to fossil fuels, and we have a fun and energetic approach to facing these issues. This isn’t an attack towards the transport and oil industries, but more of a movement for advocating education and alternatives for a global issue of anthropogenic climate change. Positivity and the right means of communication can create a huge difference in our world.”

The Route Del Sol team began the first part of their journey in August when they set off from the Arctic Circle sign on the Dalton Highway in Alaska. The camper van has since taken the pair through mountains and tundra landscapes of Alaska, Yukon Territory and British Columbia.

Joel Gregory Hayes and Keegan Taccori aim to complete their entire journey, to the bottom of Argentina, by the summer of 2020. Along the way – throughout Canada, the US and Latin America – Route Del Sol will be presenting and running public events, as well as connecting daily with communities, NGOs, politicians, environmentalists and fellow changemakers.

While on the road, ​Route Del Sol are also filming a documentary, Surface Area, which highlights topics such as energy, climate, culture, people, social disparity and global consciousness. The team will be living amongst communities and sharing their stories regarding the fight for renewable energy and their struggle with energy in general.

To help support Route Del Sol’s journey, check out their Kickstarter page

Route Del Sol

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea



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