created to get Airbnb to add a sustainable home category to its search

If you’re thinking of going on holiday and looking for somewhere eco-friendly and sustainable to stay that’s homely, check out

More of a call-to-action than an accommodation or travel service, was created with the specific aim to get Airbnb to add a new category for sustainable home options. – which was created by Finnish renewable energy company, Neste – collates sustainable homes listed by private owners on Airbnb, so people can more easily book their next sustainable getaway.

The Zerobnb website features listings including an off-grid wooden cabin, a snow igloo, an earthship to a beach front solar home.

With the demand for more sustainable travel growing in recent years and tourism causing almost a tenth of global greenhouse gas emissions, Neste believe it’s time to make every journey a journey towards zero emissions.

Sirpa Tuomi, Director of Marketing at Neste, said: “The demand for more sustainable travel is growing, but when you are not an expert, it can be very demanding to evaluate whether a certain accommodation is sustainable or not. This is why it is important to make sustainable alternatives more accessible for everyone. Our goal is to provoke discussion and we are hoping that this will inspire Airbnb to add a sustainable accommodation category onto their site.”

Neste is hoping to catch Airbnb’s attention by encouraging private owners or hosts to send Zerobnb a link to their Airbnb listing, so they can feature their sustainable homes on Zerobnb.

Neste say: “From zero waste to zero emissions, sustainable zero homes come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your home is self-sufficient with solar panels or you have a state of the art recycling station – you don’t have to be completely zero emissions yet. The most important thing is you’re taking steps towards a zero emissions future.”

The accommodation options displayed on Zerobnb are chosen according to their sustainable aspects. Listings can climb the sustainable ladder by adding features such as a proper recycling area or by encouraging guests to minimise plastic waste through house rules.

Zerobnb is part of Neste’s Journey to Zero initiative, focusing on finding sustainable solutions for building a fossil free future. The website was launched on International Day of Climate Action on 24 October. Neste says will continue to exist until Airbnb adds a sustainable category.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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