VILD MAD: Foraging app and initiative aims to connect people to nature through wild food

VILD MAD – Danish for Wild Food – is a comprehensive and free resource for people to learn about and explore nature through wild food.

The initiative includes an app in Danish and in English, a website, a curriculum for Danish schools, and foraging workshops offered by 50 rangers  across Denmark.

Launched by restaurateur and chef, René Redzepi of Noma fame, last year – VILD MAD has mapped the Danish landscape and created a comprehensive guide to what’s safe to pluck from its many environments, from deciduous forests to waterways, and how to bring them into the kitchen.

Foraging helped shape the flavours and philosophy of Noma’s kitchen, and VILD MAD aims to get people acquainted with nature – to discover the landscape, the land, discover new flavours and ingredients, and improve their understanding of where food comes from.

Bringing together the knowledge of foragers and chefs, VILD MAD encourages adults and children alike to get outdoors, to identity what’s edible, to harvest sustainably, and to cook with recipes that reflect the seasons and the landscapes.

VILD MAD is a unique collaboration between the non-profit organisation, MAD, and several Danish partners.

MAD was launched by René Redzepi as a two-day symposium in 2011, when 300 chefs, restaurateurs, servers, and writers gathered in Copenhagen to discuss the future of food. MAD has since grown in to a nonprofit organisation, which today boasts a global network of individuals working to make food better.

MAD’s ambition is that VILD MAD will serve as a global model from Denmark. MAD says: “We hope that our project can be an inspiration for others to do the same in different countries and cultures.”

The VILD MAD app is part of René Redzepi’s greater mission to transfer the curiosity that motivates him to the generation that succeeds – he’d like younger folks to be more mindful of seasonality, and to see the world as one range of culinary possibilities.

VILD MAD is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.


Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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