Wild West End: Creating a hospitable place for wildlife on rooftops above busy shopping district

London’s West End is a busy shopping metropolis where some of you may have ventured out to to do your Christmas shopping. But above the shop floors and high up on to the rooftops of some of these buildings is  a welcome space for flora and fauna to thrive.

The team responsible for these green spaces is Wild West End – a partnership between West End’s largest property owners, along with the Mayor of London and the London Wildlife Trust working together to encourage wildlife into London.

Enhancing green space and biodiversity in the West End of London, Wild West aims to encourage birds, bees and bats back into this iconic area of London, and create greater connections with nature for residents, visitors and workers to enjoy.

Among the projects that Wild West End have been involved include a wild rooftop garden providing a home for bees at 21 Ganton Street. Two hives are surrounded by planters and trellis equipped with suitable forage for the bees to feed on.

Regent Street is also home to a secret allotment garden where community gardeners grow and tend their vegetables and herbs through the seasons. A far cry from the shopping frenzy down below on this popular street, The rooftop garden, where 10 Regent Street businesses and 30 volunteer gardeners are actively involved in gardening, offers some tranquility aside from the usual shopping frenzy of this popular shopping haunt.

Through a combination of green roofs, green walls, planters, street trees, flower boxes and pop-up spaces, Wild West End aims to protect and support London’s wildlife, some common species of which have been in decline.

The Wild West End website also features a map which has recorded bat sightings, as well a range of birds.

Wild West End

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea

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