Joining Bottles: When discarded plastic bottles and wood become pieces of furniture

London-based designer Micaella Pedros has found a creative use for plastic bottles by using them to bind pieces of wood together to create furniture.

The designer’s upcycling project, Joining Bottles, is an experimental wood-joining technique using shrunk plastic bottles.

Micaella Pedros cuts the top and bottom of a plastic bottle to make a ring and uses a heat gun to shrink the plastic onto wood, which can be carved and shaped into a piece of furniture.

The London-based designer – who describes herself as “a social and humanitarian product designer driven by the topics of energy, empowerment and culture” – seeks to contribute to the planet by demonstrating ways in which local resources and natural forces can empower people, championing DIY culture.

Micaella Pedros says: “Both materials, wood and plastic bottles, are widely abundant in cities and other places. There are lying there as waste, waiting to be reclaimed by people.

Joining Bottles seeks to contribute to new beliefs based on what we, as individuals and communities, can do with what is available to us. In some countries, this project can make a real difference, promoting the collect of plastic bottles and wood waste, and helping people to empower themselves.”

Joining Bottles

Rosa Medea is Life & Soul Magazine’s Chief @rosamedea


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